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Boston Mine Perins Peak

Boston Coal Mine

This was also known as the Perins Peak Mine

The Above picture was taken in 1906 when the Boston Mine was in full operation.*

*Photo courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey (

Below is the same view of the Perins Peak mine in 2017. 

In the background is Barnroof Peak. Far in the distance is the La Plata Mountains.

Boston Mine Durango CO


The picture below is from 1923*

*Photo used with the permission of the Center of Southwest Studies Fort Lewis College

Baker's Bridge

Baker’s Bridge

In 1860 Charles Baker came into the area where Silverton CO is now. He mined gold and later helped build a road down the Animas river valley.

Bakers bridge over the Animas River is 14 miles north of Durango. The old Bakers bridge pictured here was immediately north of the current Baker Bridge. The center support for the bridge is shown to rest on a large rock that no longer exists.  Why does so much water flow down to the left side of that support? Beyond the bridge you can see a wooden ‘dam’ diverting water to our left.

I don’t know why such a structure was built.

Above photo was shot by Frank Gonner in 1895 and used with the permission of the Center of Southwest Studies Fort Lewis College

Below is the same area shot from the current Bakers Bridge in 2011.

Below is another picture of Baker’s Bridge shot in 1895.*

Water is running over the full length of the dam beyond the bridge.

*Photo below taken by Frank Gonner in June 1895

Baker's Bridge Colorado
Farmington Hill Durango CO
Farmington Hill

These two pictures were taken from highway 550 south of Durango on what is known as Farmington Hill.

I do not have a date for the above picture* but I took the picture below in 2018.

*Photo used with the permission of the Center of Southwest Studies Fort Lewis College

Durago CO
Durango CO 1885

These two pictures are of the Animas River and northern Durango.

The picture above was taken in 1885*

I took the picture below in 2018

*Photo courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey (

Durango CO
by Otto Perry 1951.jpg

The above picture is a train heading west from Durango after crossing the Animas River. This picture was taken by Otto Perry in 1951.
Below is how the same area looks today.

by Otto Perry digital.denverlibray 2021.JPG

Thompson Park is seven miles east of Mancos CO. The above picture was taken in 1911*. The picture below was taken in 2018. Highway 160 can be seen in this picture. Target Tree Campground is in the trees in the center of this picture.

*Photo courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey (

Otto Mears Toll Both Million Dollar Highway

Otto Mears built many toll roads in the San Juan Mountains.

This is his toll booth at Bear Creek Falls on the Million Dollar Highway between Silverton and Ouray.

Both photos courtesy of U.S. Geological Survey (

Million_Dollar_Highway 2012.jpg

Otto Mears also built a toll road from Animas City through Durango and Wildcat canyon to Fort Lewis south of Hesperus CO. He had a toll booth near Lightner Creek where highway 160 is today. 

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