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1-La Plata Mtns from Hesperus.jpg

These are the La Plata mountains as viewed from Hesperus

2-La Plata Mtns from Shenandoah.jpg

Here's the view from county road 141. These homes are in the Shenandoah subdivision.

3-La Plata Mtns from Durango.jpg

Here's the view from Durango.

4-La Plata Mtns and Mancos.jpg

Here's the La Plata Mountains that can be viewed from Mancos.

5-La Plata Mtns from the west.jpg

Here's another picture. The La Plata Mountains from the west. Highway 184 goes from Mancos to Dolores.

6-La Plata Mtns - Burwell, Spiller, Babc

This photo was taken from within La Plata Canyon.

7-La Plata Mtns from Missionary

Here's the northern La Plata Mountains as viewed from Missionary Ridge. This was shot with a telephoto lens.

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